Your ESG and sustainability plan starts here. Companies achieve greater success and profitability when they create value for all their members.

We’ve developed an innovative platform called “Concienciar,” leveraging Artificial Intelligence to synergize well-being and sustainability. This platform becomes a key tool for driving sustainability in your strategy.

Embark on an online and offline adventure that promotes employee communication and awareness. Boost motivation, connection, individual and collective well-being while minimizing environmental impact.

Join the platform, generate positive impacts while getting closer to nature, and share experiences. Personalize activities based on your company’s values and goals, measure the impact generated, and assess the level of sustainable culture among your employees through statistics and experience collection.

By participating in the platform, individuals actively contribute to the reforestation of gorgonias, endangered species in the marine depths.

It’s time to create a sustainable culture in your company!



Increased environmental awareness: Our platform will foster awareness about environmental issues and the importance of sustainability among your employees. This will help create a corporate culture committed to the environment.

Enhanced Employer Branding: By integrating sustainability into your Employer Branding strategy, your company will stand out as an employer committed to the environment. This will attract dedicated talent and improve your brand perception.

Team cohesion: Our platform will promote communication and collaboration among employees, encouraging teamwork around environmental protection. This will strengthen bonds within the team and improve the work environment.

Motivation and well-being: Participating in platform activities will generate motivation and a sense of purpose among your employees. By actively contributing to environmental protection, they will feel part of a positive change, which will enhance their individual and collective well-being.

Impact measurement: Our platform will enable you to measure the impact generated by your employees’ sustainable actions. Through statistics and experience gathering, you can assess the progress and sustainable culture of your company.

Marine reforestation: By joining the platform, your company will actively contribute to the reforestation of gorgonians, threatened species in the marine depths. This will help preserve the marine ecosystem and demonstrate your commitment to environmental conservation.

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Promote your sustainability project as part of the Employer Branding strategy, the perfect tool to work on team cohesion, company values ​​and for employees to know that your organization cares about the environment.

The awareness platform serves as a virtual space where employees can engage through a series of activities. Its purpose is to foster communication and raise awareness among teams.

This tool has been designed to boost motivation, foster connection, and increase awareness among workers.

The primary objective of the awareness platform is to promote both individual and collective well-being, as well as a healthier environment in which we live. It does so in a fun, original, and highly interactive manner.

In most organizations and among their members, caring for and respecting nature, as well as minimizing our environmental impact, have become essential values. Respecting our environment not only involves understanding and appreciating it more, but also taking measures to preserve it and becoming true “environmental influencers” by sharing our good habits with those around us.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to be close to our teams, supporting and encouraging them through new digital and face-to-face strategies, so that they actively participate in caring for our planet. We must remember that taking care of ourselves begins with taking care of the place we call home.


Every participant will access the platform through their user profile, initiating an exciting adventure.

Our methodology is designed to engage the entire company, as well as smaller groups such as specific departments (Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.).

The Environmental Awareness Platform empowers employees to generate positive impacts. It’s time to reconnect with nature, foster closer relationships, and embrace new habits, while sharing experiences and knowledge in caring for and respecting our planet.


The activities can be tailored to align with each client’s objectives or specific needs, including the incorporation of the company’s core values.

On the awareness platform, clients will have access to statistics and a collection of shared experiences.

Clients can also utilize the tool to gather feedback on specific issues of interest.

Now is the perfect time to cultivate a sustainable culture within your company.


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