Promote your sustainability project as part of the Employer Branding strategy, the perfect tool to work on team cohesion, company values ​​and for employees to know that your organization cares about the environment.

The awareness platform is a virtual space where workers immerse themselves in an online and offline adventure, a series of online and offline activities that will promote COMMUNICATION and AWARENESS of the teams.

This tool has been created to enhance the motivation, connection and awareness of workers.

The objective of the awareness platform is to promote individual and collective well-being and the environment in which we live, in a fun, original and very agile way.

Care and respect for nature as well as minimizing environmental impact have become essential values ​​in most organizations and in most of their members. Respect for our environment not only translates into knowing and valuing it better, but also in taking measures not to damage it and in becoming authentic “environmental influencers”, spreading our good habits to our closest environment.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to be close to our teams to support and encourage them, with new digital and face-to-face strategies, so that they get involved in caring for our planet. We must not forget that taking care of oneself begins by taking care of the place where we live.


Each participant accesses the platform with a user profile and from there, the adventure will begin.

Our methodology is designed to involve the entire company and also smaller groups such as certain departments (Sales, Marketing, Human Resources…).

The Environmental Awareness Platform leads workers to generate positive impacts. The time has come to connect with nature, to feel closer to each other while we assimilate new habits, share experiences and learning in the care and respect of our planet.


The activities can be adapted to the objectives or needs of each client, for example, they can be linked to the company’s values.

On the awareness platform, the client will have statistics and a collection of experiences.

The client can also use the tool to obtain feedback on certain specific issues.

It is time to create a sustainable culture in your company.

Are you looking for an engagement activity that improves productivity, generates a positive impact and unites workers?

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We also carry out projects tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Our experience allows us to constantly innovate and adapt to the changes and needs of society and the business world.

Some companies that have participated in our project events.


Some companies that help us improve the environment. Thank you very much!

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